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Sculpture Trail: A Feast for Eyes… and Belly!

Following the success of the Lyme Regis Sculpture Trail during 2016 ArtsFest, there will be a continued presence of public art in Langmoor Gardens and beyond in 2017.  Great News!  So why not enjoy a stroll with friends, family or fellow art lovers to discover these hidden gems?

Then drop into By the Bay for a delicious 2 course lunch for just £12.95.  Yes – that’s right.  We’re offering a great value 2 course lunch for just £12.95 throughout March to celebrate this excellent community project…

Sculpture Trail Lunch £12.95

At By the Bay we have not only made a financial contribution to help retain the Sculpture Trail for 2017 but wanted to offer everyone enjoying the Trail the opportunity to feast their bellies as well as their eyes.  So our Sculpture Trail Lunch was born.  Enjoy the Sculpture Trail during March, then pop into By the Bay for lunch.

Treat yourself to a delicious 2 course meal for just £12.95.

Choose from beef and mushroom pie or mushroom stroganoff.  Then tuck into apple pie and custard (or ice cream if you prefer) or sticky toffee pudding.  What a delicious treat!

This offer is available throughout March, so  there’s no excuse for not coming down to the seafront and enjoying everything Lyme Regis has to offer.

Of course, we love quirky art at By the Bay and are delighted to support this initiative that prolongs the presence of public art in Lyme Regis.   The Langmoor Gardens trail will feature work by Clare Trenchard, David Parker, Greta Berlin, Isla Chaney, Ron Moll and John Calder.

John, who curated the original, highly successful sculpture trail as part of Lyme Regis ArtsFest, has been instrumental in arranging the continued presence of public art in the town for the coming year.  With support for the Town Council and additional funding from By the Bay and Hix Restaurants (both members of Lyme Regis Business Group), art lovers will be able to enjoy the following sculptures in addition to the much-loved mosaic bench below the north entrance of the gardens:

Clare Trenchard sculpture "Trapeze" at Lyme Regis ArtsFest Sculpture TrailTrapeze by Clare Trenchard

Trapeze can be found hovering over Langmoor Gardens to the west of the crazy golf course. Playful, joyful, extrovert and fabulous, Trapeze is perfectly placed to put a smile on your face and provide a great photo opportunity.

Clare studied sculpture at the Chelsea School of Art.  She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1978 and exhibits both in London and at Sladers Yard here in Dorset. She works in clay, plaster or wax and the sculptures are cast in bronze or bronze resin.  You can find out more about Clare and her work HERE.

Speaking Volumes by David Parker istabds below the Woodland Walk in Langmoor GardensSpeaking Volumes by David Parker

This big, bold sculpture can be found below the Woodland Walk.  David says that he’s drawn to the structural imagery of the industrial and the natural world and to the patterns (or metapatterns) that form the basis for material existence. Speaking Volumes reflects this loud and clear!

He explains:

‘I often start making sculptures with the things I regard as ‘universals’ such as spheres, spirals, cubes, lines and binaries, the familiar structures and relationships of everyday life.  A computer artist uses a similar palette to build and render a 3D model but for me it’s more the existence of palette that is the inspiration for my artworks. I’m fascinated by the contrasts and relationships between geometric and organic forms and the tension between my awareness of my surroundings and my own self -consciousness as the designer and physical maker with my own patterns and capabilities.

For me, making sculpture an on-going dialectic that recognises and responds to these dualistic elements but it’s also a recognition that my observation are not independent from my own physical and mental nature.’

See a video of David explaining more HERE.

Greta Berlin's Skateboarder can be found to the east of the Woodland Walk in Lyme's Langmoor Gardens.Skateboarder by Greta Berlin

Youth, vigour and energy radiates from the Skateboarder posing to the east of the Woodland Walk.  There may even be a little bit or aggression in his body language – but mostly, he’s just having a good time.

Greta was born and brought up in and around St Ives during the 40’s and 50’s.  She was inspired by the potter and philosopher,Bernard Leach, and her father Sven Berlin, who was also a sculptor.  Greta would watch them for hours as they formed their work under their hands, one the sensual growth of a pot on the wheel the other carving away, bit by bit, to reveal the image.

After years of travel with a young family, GB settled in the New Forest to teach ceramics for the next 20 years. Making and showing ceramic sculpture since ‘74, her development took her into stone carving and welded steel structures. The latter gave her the freedom to work on a larger scale. In ’92 she moved to West Dorset where she enjoys the space and big skies of her beloved West Country.

Skateboarder reflects Greta’s lighter side, whereas elsewhere in Lyme it’s possible to experience her impressions of what she calls the dichotomy of our inner lives.  She talks more about these themes HERE.

Isla Chaney's Core Sample stands in an alcove near the north entrance to Langmoor GardensCore Sample Pillar by Isla Chaney

Originally one of a pair, Core Sample sits near the North Entrance to Langmoor Gardens.  Reflecting the themes and imagery of the Jurassic Coast, this column shows a strong sense of geological time.

Isla makes intriguing structures that are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous. They are concerned with the internal architecture of things, focusing on the patterns of growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena, from micro-organisms to the larger scale geology of the landscape.

Isla’s work is about contrast and contradiction, control and lack of, the natural and the man-made, scientific accuracy and artistic opacity.  Part object, part imagination the works invite and often challenge the viewer to piece together what is not immediately evident.  Exploring the relative proportions of solid mass and open space within the made object.  There’s more about Isla and her work HERE.

Sir George Somers by Ron Moll

Admiral Sir George Somers was a former mayor of Lyme and a West dorset MP.  In 1609 he founded the island of Bermuda.  In 2016, to mark the 20th anniversary of the twinning of Lyme Regis with Georgetown, Bermuda a bronze statue of Sir George was installed just below the Woodland Walk.  Today, the statue looks out over Lyme Bay, where his body was brought back to the UK from Bermuda after his death in 1610.

The artist responsible for the sculpture was Ron Moll who is based in the west country.  You can find out more about Ron and his work HERE.

And There’s More …

And, of course there are even more sculptures to see elsewhere in Lyme Regis.  The Town Mill is currently showing Greta Berlin’s ‘Lost Identity’, Dave Holland’s ‘The Miller’, ‘Two Squares’ and ‘Wavy Chestnuts’ by John Calder as well as ‘Park Bee’ by Cass King.  Behind St Michael’s Church, John’s ‘Vibe’ still clings to the fence and in Drake’s Way, Isla’s ‘Scamper’ holders firm.  Check out the latest news about public art in Lyme Regis HERE and don’t forget to add your support to this deserving community project.

Help Sculpture Trail Fundraising Initiatives

Finally, you can help by participating in the various fundraising events taking place around town over the coming months.  In addition to our delicious, great value lunch offer, these currently include a special Sculpture Trail afternoon tea at The Alexandra Hotel (call 01297 442010)  and a dinner auction hosted by Mark Hix at Hix Oyster & Fish House (date tbc – watch this space!).

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